2.8 makeup

Gothic jewelry, hair dye, makeup, wigs, and accessories.

Marjorie Peck comments: So I just got my Amphigory order, and I am SO happy. I ordered their Ennui lip color wheel, which is beautiful and versatile. I also got a great lippie called Chlorophyll, which is a great shimmery green. It goes on sheer, but gets deeper with the blot-and-reapply method. I love it. Also a lip/eyeliner in forest green. Very pretty. So, all in all I'm happy with Amphigory and will continue to buy from them.

gabriella vervaine comments: I love Amphigory! Great selection, very good prices, and everything I ordered was high quality in super-snazzy packaging: shiny black ovals with a sort of space-age feel.

Sarah comments: Their service is great, and they're pleasant to deal with. And their makeup prices can't be beat, for the quality and unique colors.

Ben Nye Makeup
c/o Would You Believe?
1118 Fair Oaks Ave.
South Pasadena, CA 91030, US
(818) 799-3828
Theatrical and special effects makeup brand. Has extensive glitter selection. Also available from many retail theatrical supply and costume stores.

The Black Rose
27 Stanley Sidings
Chalk Farm Road
Camden Town
London NW1 8AH, UK
Phone (shop): +44 20-7482-6111
Phone (mail order): +44 20-7482-5359
Fax: +44 870-056-9048
Gothic clothing, jewelry, makeup, hair-dye, and accessories for women and men.

Cary comments: I just got in several jackets and a shirt that I ordered from Black Rose, and I would recommend them highly to just about anyone searching for gothic clothing. The fabrics are sumptuous, the designs wonderful, and the prices are fairly inexpensive for mail-order. AND, I got my order less than two weeks after I placed it, which is practically a miracle with mail-order stuff. Highly recommended!

Lethargic comments: Every time I get the chance I have to praise the Black Rose. Their quality is excellent, and they are one of the few online shops that has a large selection of men's gothic clothing. Since I'm very tall, they're always willing to make their clothes with extra length at no extra cost. Plus, unlike most online retailers I've dealt with, I have never had any problems receiving my order in a timely manner.

Emmeke comments: I order a lot at The Black Rose in London. The clothes are gorgeous, and the materials are of good quality and very washable (no "I washed it so it disintegrated" with their stuff). Also, they deliver ordered stuff really fast, which is always a great plus.

Dana comments: I'm in Australia and have ordered some stuff from them -- it was good quality and the shipping cost was about $30 all up (after conversion into Australian dollars) -- wasn't charged anything extra for customs or duty as they marked it as a gift. I think they charge the shipping on the actual weight of the items you order.

The Body Shop
Free catalog
Cruelty-free makeup and skin/hair care products brand. Available at stores in the UK, US, and Europe. Does mail-order within the US only.

Benefit Cosmetics
(800) 781-2336
Free catalog
Trendy, playful makeup brand. Sold in department stores, at Sephora, and by mail-order (mail-order is US only).

The Cornerstone Goodgoth.com
P.O. Box 1814
Westfield, MA 01086, US
Free catalog
Gothic clothing, jewelry, hair dye, makeup, pewter, candles, gargoyles, and cruelty-free goth accessories.

Trystan comments: Every time I've ordered from the Cornerstone, I've gotten excellent service and prompt shipping. And they carry funky-colored hair dye at a lower price than anywhere else I've found!

Bijan comments: Mare, the owner, is VERY nice! She had no problems special ordering the things I needed. The shipping was very fast, and I had a pleasant experience.

Dermablend Corrective Cosmetics
(877) 900-6700
Foundation makeup brand intended for covering scars and discoloration on the face and body. Available at department stores.

Hard Candy
(310) 289-7767
Free catalog (when requested online)
Trendy makeup brand. Available in department stores, at Sephora, and by mail-order.

MAC Cosmetics
(800) 387-6707
High-fashion makeup brand. Sold in department stores and MAC stores. Quite possibly THE most popular makeup brand among a.g.fers.

Manic Panic
21-07 Borden Avenue
4th Floor
L.I.C., N.Y.C. 11101
Gothic-punk hair dye and makeup brand. Website lists all the Manic Panic colors for hair dye and makeup. Sold in gothic specialty stores and catalogs.

Sally Beauty Supply
(800) 275-7255
All-purpose beauty supply store with hair dyes, makeup, hair and skin care products, nail polish, styling aids and tools, etc.

Free catalog
French chain of makeup stores with retail outlets in Europe and the US. Sells mostly upscale department store brands, along with house lines of makeup and fragrance.

Nathalie comments: I bought a white lipstick for 35FF (that's about 4 UKpounds, 6 USdollars) that I tried intensively over the New Year celebrations, and I have one word for it: brilliant! First, it does not have the waxy texture of most cheapy lipsticks, second, it tastes slightly of caramel, and third, it stays for hours and doesn't go on the glass or bottle when you drink.

Trystan comments: I've adored every Sephora store I've been in, and I found their website sales to be pretty decent too. It's better if you know exactly what you want since you can't really trust the web colors. But I when I purchased several lipsticks and eyeliners from the Sephora brand, I had excellent service. And, just like in the stores, the product is wonderful!

Shiseido Cosmetics
(800) 354-2160
High-fashion makeup brand. Sold in department stores and many Asian specialty stores.

Urban Decay Cosmetics
(800) 784-URBAN
Trendy high-fashion makeup brand. Sold in department stores, gothic specialty stores and catalogs, and by mail-order.

Jackie Manni comments: Hip Hip Horray! I got my UD order today, only 10 days from the day I ordered (they said 14). So, the thing *does* work! And they even gave me coasters full of makeup ideas... how... odd! Everything was nicely packed up against breakage, the package had a big FRAGILE stamp on it, and they only do UPS, so I give web ordering a big thumbs up!!!

Vampire Cosmetics
P.O. Box 3478
Burbank, CA 91508, US
Catalog $3 US, $4 international
Gothic makeup brand.

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